21 Times People Went From Puff To Incredible Version Of Themselves

If you wish to live healthily, you will have to be the best version of yourself – over the long and the short term. It equally includes being able to quickly spot when feeling down and putting yourself in a better frame of mind. Of a truth, we (humans) are our own worst enemies when it comes to achieving a milestone or living a life that’s filled with passion and purpose. Quite a fraction of us is self-destructive without knowing it, while a few are conscious about this fact.

But regardless of who you are, being the version you want wholeheartedly remains a thing. Without a doubt, life gives lemons, and so making lemonade might not be as easy as it seems. When on a weight-loss, the art of not giving up and overcoming all obstacles should be mastered. Our compilation is hinged on people who went from looking like a puff to the better version of themselves. We hope they inspire you; enjoy!

“I’ve Fallen In Love With Weightlifting, And My Depression Has Drastically Improved.”

Triforcetrinityx -Via

“(About 11 Months) Fitting Into Jeans From High School And Excited To Try On My Old Spring Wardrobe Soon”

svernon95 -Via

“Officially Lost More Than I Now Weigh, Face Gains Progress After Just Over 2 Years!

18Fish18 -Via

“This Morning I Hopped On The Scale, And For The First Time In My Adult Life, I Am Overweight. That Might Sound Like No Big Deal, But It Means I Am No Longer Obese”

Hanlmor -Via

“Total 10 Months]. It’s Weird How You Perceive Yourself; I Remember Thinking I Looked Skinny In The First Picture Back When I Took It; I Will Enjoy Seeing The 352>176 Transformation Later. Keep On Keeping On”

3_mandarins -Via

“Lost 200 Pounds In A Year. Just Did The 20:4 Fast And Walked ~5km Everyday.”

FoxyRadical2 -Via

“The Left Is The Picture That Started My Weight Loss Journey; I Was Depressed But Finally Found The Courage To Change”

GiaTheGiraffe01 -Via

“1 Year Ago Doctors Told My Brother He Had Liver Cirrhosis/ Needed A Transplant/ Had 6 Months To Live. Today His Liver Is Functioning, He’s 150lbs Down, 1 Year Sober And The Healthiest Physically And Mentally That He’s Ever Been.”

PreshyMcSweetface -Via

“These Pictures Were Taken At The Same Restaurant, But About 2 Years Apart. He’s Lost 90lbs, And I’ve lost 135lbs. We Wanted To Be Healthy, So We Could Grow Old Gracefully Together, And Be Around As Long As Possible For Our Kids. So Grateful For This Journey With My Best Friend”

aworsh -Via

“Getting Your Heart Broken Does Wonder”


“Christmas Morning 2018 Vs. Today. Seeing That Photo On The Left Was One Of My Major Motivations To Change My Lifestyle (Even Though It Still Took Me 3 More Months To Get My Act Together) So Close To My Goal, Then On To Maintenance”

jess3558 -Via

“Although I Did Successfully Lose 52 Pounds, My Biggest Accomplishment Was Learning To Love My Body. I Now Love The Person I See In The Mirror And That Is My Definition Of Success”

Alexis_Aleen -Via

“At The End Of The Day, All You Need Is Hope And Strength. Hope That It Will Get Better And Strength To Hold On Until It Does”

flexing_after_cancer -Via

“I Just Came Across The Apron I Wore On Cake Wars (2016). I’m Well Over A Hundred Pounds Lighter Than I Was The Day We Filmed, AND, At That Point, I Had Already Lost 50lbs.! (Photos Are Proportionate). I Lost The Weight Well Over A Year Ago And Have Been Maintaining!”

rusticcake -Via

“F/30/5’10… 400lbs(1/21/19)—170lbs(12/13/20)”

Suzemaguze315 -Via

“4years Sober After A Life Filled With Arrests, Psych Wards, And Suicide Attempts. Now I’m Engaged And A Counselor To The Homeless. Could Not Be More Grateful For This Incredible Life. One Of My Mugshots On The Left”

lucky_demon -Via

“Struggling To Stay On Track Lately, Seeing The Difference In Pictures Helps”

the_setlist -Via

“Found A Ring From Last Year Before I Started My Weight Loss, It Used To Be Too Small For Me. Can’t Stop Smiling.”

chunktw0 -Via

“(14 Months) Fit Into A Size 8 This Morning, Down From A 22W.”

pandathrowaway -Via

“2019 -> 2021 ED And OCD Recovery–I Used To Think My Shoulders Were “So Muscular” But My Perception Was A Bit, Uh, Warped. Proud Of What I’ve Conquered And Happy To Be Where I Am Now.”

blueskink -Via

“F/26/5’3” [240lbs > 140lbs = 100lbs] Face Gains”

gardeneyes -Via