Blogger Mom ‘Proud’ Of Son Who Punched His Bully Back, But Teachers Regret His Actions

Parenting blogger Laura Mazza was recently feeling proud when his son, who was involved in a bullying incident, decided to stand up for himself. The mom shared her feelings on Facebook, which went viral with parents and teachers pitching in their opinions and suggestions.

“I know violence isn’t the answer,” wrote the proud mom.

Laura Mazza -Via

“I don’t think my kids are angels or the kids who do no wrong, but when it comes to my son, I know he is not the type of kid to hit anyone randomly or ever bully anyone,” Laura confidently said about her son.

As she shared her feelings about the incident, Laura asked people, “What are your thoughts on this?”

“I’m open to being wrong. I know that’s shocking on the internet, but I’m happy to learn and always happy for suggestions. “

Laura added that she doesn’t know who the other kid was and wishes that the family doesn’t experience any shame. ” I understand kids are still learning to control their emotions etc.,” she explained.

People share how their kids also face the same thing at school.

One wrote, “My son was bullied for years by a boy in primary school, and one day, in the final year, he punched the bully in the face. He wasn’t bullied again, and my response to the school was that they should have done something about all of the complaints I had lodged over a 4 year period. I was glad to see my son finally stand up for himself (after years of just putting up with horrendous behavior towards him) and inwardly did a little happy dance!”

Another confidently wrote, “My kids have full permission to rock any kids’ sh** who won’t listen to words and won’t physically leave them alone. Consent matters; no means no.”

One complimented her and the boy’s decision, “Take your kid for ice cream; he has earned it. If the adults around him failed him and he knew he could face the consequences and still chose to stand up for himself… you, my dear, are raising a fearless leader.”

One teacher wrote a heartfelt reply to her, “As a teacher, I’m pleading with you to encourage your son to please give the teacher a chance. So many times, we only hear about these issues after the kids have taken matters into their own hands and someone has been hurt.”

“That is heartbreaking that it gets that far before we hear about it for the first time. I will be asking if he’s told any adult at school about this student and his behavior before. If he has made several reports and nothing has been done, fair enough, but it would be rare for us to ignore reports of bullying behavior.”

“Yes, we may not see it, but if it’s reported, it should be taken seriously. Both teachers and schools can be sued if we don’t attempt to protect the victim. We’ve also done a billion hours of PD about our schools’ bullying policy and the actions we have to take,” the teacher concluded.