25 People Who Transformed Themselves Weighing The Same But Looking Incredibly Different

To achieve the desired, you will need to stop seeking people’s permission. Goals are indeed stepping stones toward one’s dream, hence to achieve them, being motivated can keep you chugging along. Naturally, being passive isn’t a default mode of human beings, especially as it is in our nature to strive, want, and move in the direction of something we deem valuable. An action might not always bring forth happiness, but you’ll agree that there’s no happiness without action. This aforesaid has continually been proved, and of a truth, you can achieve anything at any time and any day.

In terms of body figure, it appears you can achieve your desired appearance even with your current weight, as all that’s required is just taking care of your body and what it’s ingested in. Loving our bodies regardless of the shape is vital, and our compilation is here to prove this as well. Listed below are photos of people who realized they could make the best out of their body composition and weight. There are downright inspirational, and we couldn’t agree less yet overlook them for the showcase.

Same Weight But Different Body Composition

movenourishheal -Via

‘More Women Should Focus On The Weight They Lift Than The Weight They Lose’

estherflowerbae -Via

‘Changed Some Of My Eating Habits. Hitting The Gym 2-3 Times A Week. Same Underwear, Same Weight’

kayrandall -Via

‘Composition Is Everything, And Just Goes To Show That Numbers On Scale Don’t Mean.’

mel_lorraine93 -Via

‘Two Years And Only 5lbs Difference But The Body On The Right Has Been Transformed From The Inside Out.’

hollymatt__ -Via

‘Lift Heavy Weights. Only Difference In The Pics On The Right I Was Eating Clean’

mom.nurse.fit.life -Via

‘One On The Left I Was Binge Eating, Drinking Too Much And Had The Worst Mindset When It Came To Food And My Body’

alanadedla -Via

‘I’m At The Same Weight I Was Last December’

fitnessexpress -Via

‘2 Years Difference And The Same Weight In Both. That Smile And Confidence I Got Now Is Something I Dreamed Of Two Years Ago’

brandytherunner_ -Via

‘If I Went Solely By The Scale For My Progress During 10 Rounds, I’d Be So Disappointed. I Only Lost 2 Ibs’

wilhel42 -Via

‘While There Are Some People Who Do Need To Lose Weight For Health Reasons, Not Everyone Should Focus On The Scale. Only 3lb Difference Between These Two Pics’

madlymish -Via

‘The Number Isn’t What Always Matters But Ultimately How You Feel In Your Own Skin.’

jackiesjo -Via

Same Weight (74KG) But Different Body Shape. Never Give Up!

ahkhun -Via

‘The Difference Between These 2 Pictures Is 5lbs. No, I Didn’t Lose 5lbs I Gained Them!’

leeannpalmerward -Via

‘These Pics Are 7 Years Apart, And I Weight The Exact Same In Both Of Them (140lbs). Isn’t That Crazy?’

bodyimagefitness -Via

‘Muscle Gained, Fat Lost, She’s Feeling Better Inside And Out, And Most Importantly She Made Huge Lifestyle Habit Changes’

thesbfcommunity__ -Via

‘Five Years At Least Between These Two Photos And I’m Probably About The Same Weight In Each’

stegoulddd -Via

‘Same Weight (125lbs), Different Bodies. So It’s Not Always About The Scale’


‘There Was Nothing Wrong With My Body, But There Was Everything Wrong With The Way I Viewed It And How I Treated It’

fitransforms -Via

‘There Was Nothing Wrong With My Body, But There Was Everything Wrong With The Way I Viewed It And How I Treated It’

kelseywells -Via

‘Proof You Can Weigh The Same And Look Completely Different. 200lbs 4 Years Ago And 200lbs Today.’

powermill1982 -Via

‘The Same Person, Same Weight (63KG) But The Two Bodies Are Different.’

nikkigundy -Via

‘I Have Toned And Gained So Much Strength Since The Picture On The Left. When I Thought I Wasn’t Making Progress I’m Killin It.’

ashleysjourneyinher30s -Via

‘The Scale Is A Liar. There’s Exactly A One Pound Difference Between These Two Pictures’

heather__shipley -Via

‘Don’t Think You’ve Changed Much Because Not Much Weight Is Coming Off? Pull Up An Old Pic And Compare It To The Same Shirt Today’

t_m_horro -Via