Netflix Will Probably Lose ‘Lord of The Rings’ Trilogy Streaming Rights To HBO Or Prime Video

It’s pretty common for a whole set of major series to be on Netflix and then gone after the next couple of months. But ‘Lord of The Rings’ trilogy has always been one that stays for quite some time. That doesn’t seem to be something that will stay the same anymore in the near future.

All media companies are now battling against each other and mainly Netflix in creating their own streaming services from Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+. Those who have been major media company that has rights to popular shows will definitely enjoy a headstart.

Undoubtedly, LoTR will also most probably return to its ‘homeland’ wherever it’s now set on. It might go to HBO Max whose streaming service launches next Spring in 2020. If it doesn’t, Amazon Prime Video which is currently owning the whole rights and planning for a whole new series for LoTR focusing on the Second Age will be the next possible place you can find LoTR.

There has only been talks within WarnerMedia to bring back the show to boost initial subscribers. And no official announcements have been made if the shows are leaving at all or where they’ll go if they do.

So for now, let’s just stroll along the road as Gandalf enters ‘The Shire’ with his fireworks for Bilbo Baggin’s 111th birthday.