Rumor Of 2020 Mock-up iPhone Model Is Out With NO Notch And Miniature Sensors

It’s getting bigger. The next smartphone is going to get real big for Apple because that’s what we all wanted right?

Ben Geskin tweeted an exclusive rumor on a prototype of iPhone for 2020 with “6.7-inch display with Face ID and TrueDepth camera system housed in the top bezel.”

It’s pretty interesting to see them fitting in all the sensors on the bezel on top of the display.

Are bezels hideous? Not really because pop-up cameras may look cool, but compromise the water-resistant feature of the phone. And we know the majority of us are just clumsy, unlucky and basically, don’t want to risk a $1,000+ phone dropping into water, drenched wet from water spills or exposed to rain.

Added to this was a previous prediction/leak from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo regarding iPhone 12 that will be released on 2020. It will return back to metal frame that we saw in iPhone 4 (which means no curved screen!).

Remember iPhone 4 with its metal frame?

Touch ID was introduced back in 2013 and was replaced in 2017 with Face ID. But now, everyone has on-screen fingerprint sensor (albeit still slow and not perfect in some gadgets). Bloomberg has heard rumors that Apple is developing in-screen fingerprint tech their iPhone 2020.